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Ben Myers was born and raised just outside of Harrisburg, PA, where an interest in local and family Civil War history found him at a young age. His research on the 46th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry has appeared in The Civil War Times and Military Images magazines, as well as online at He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from American University and works as a web designer and developer in Washington, D.C. American Citizen is his first book.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Myers has paused in-person events. However, he hopes to return to  bookstores, historical societies, living history weekends, and conferences by mid-2021 to share his research on the life of the common Civil War soldier.

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Sharing information about the life of the common Civil War soldier at the 157th anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Mountain

Featured Past Event: History Camp Online


Praise for American Citizen

One of the better books on the subject of Civil War soldiers and the lives they lived during one of the ugliest periods in our history.
— Amazon Reviewer
I've never read a book in which the main character was delved as fully as is that of Captain Brooks... I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the motivations and experiences of the common Civil War infantry line officer.
— Amazon Reviewer

Other Publications

Shattered Wall of Blue
At Cedar Mountain and beyond, a Pennsylvania officer fights his way through infamous Civil War battles
Autumn 2016
Old Pap
The neglected legacy of one of the Union’s most loyal brigadiers
Summer 2018
Model Company
An Uncommon Look at the Common Civil War Soldier
August 2016
Model Company (Online)
The full length, online version of Model Company which was picked up by the Civil War Times

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Benjamin E. Myers—Author